Maddy’s excited about her house party tomorrow night but Alf refuses to allow Josh over. Marilyn offers to try and get the Surf Club as a new venue, and when Maddy finds out that John’s agreed, she’s ecstatic. It’s going to be a perfect night, until Josh tells Maddy he’s not going, confusing and disappointing her. She tells Spencer that after all the support she’s given him, she didn’t expect him to be so selfish. Josh overhears this, and leaves, angry at what Maddy thinks of him.

Spencer invites Evelyn to Maddy’s party but she turns him down. When Josh checks in with her, Evelyn snaps, lashing out at him in front of the school. After some advice from Leah, Evelyn apologises to Josh, and he encourages her to be there for Oscar. Josh also suggests she go to Maddy’s party and reiterates that Spencer will be there.

After speaking to Ricky, Heath takes a chance and drops Harley around to Bianca’s, thanking her for her support. But now Harley’s there, Bianca seems reluctant to follow through and when he begins to cry, Bianca freaks out.

Encouraged by Nate, Bianca picks Harley up, and he calms down. Finally, Bianca relaxes while misses them both more by the second.