Maddy’s revenge shocks Evie

Evelyn is shocked to discover that Maddy and Oscar have spent the night together and is certain that Maddy is with Oscar for all the wrong reasons. Roo and Maddy have a heart-to-heart and Maddy confesses she hasn’t been honest about her feelings for Oscar. Wanting to do the right thing, she sets Oscar straight…

Andy is running out of time to find $5,000 for his suppliers. If he doesn’t pay up soon, there may be tragic consequences for Josh. Casey is compelled to help when Hannah suggests she wants to talk to the dealers. He steals $1,000 from the gym to buy Andy some more time.

Sasha is disappointed when she receives an extremely low mark for her poetry portfolio. When Matt offers to give Sasha some advice, along with some examples of his own work she gets even more upset. Matt decides to write a poem and put Sasha name on it, in the hope she’ll get a mark she deserves.