Maddy’s shocked by Holly’s feelings for Zac

Maddy’s shocked at how serious Holly is about Zac. He’s their English teacher! Meanwhile, Spencer and Sasha are pleased that Rosie should be able to stay in school, but their interrupted by Holly, who mocks Rosie. Maddy witnesses their altercation and can’t understand why Spencer, Sasha and Rosie have ganged up on Holly, who she believes is genuine in her concern for Rosie.

Holly’s flirtations with Zac escalate, but after Holly asks for extra tutoring with Zac he refuses. Rebuffed, Holly blames Rosie’s pregnancy for Zac’s disinterest. Maddy asks Holly to drop her infatuation with Zac, but Holly reveals the extent of her delusions, leaving Maddy worried.

Heath understands that Bianca needs to be in school, but he’s going to be there with her. Bianca, frustrated by the Braxtons, questions her future with Heath. Hurt, Heath leaves the school, and Bianca turns her attention to Rosie who reveals that her foster parents don’t know she’s pregnant. Later, Brax tells Heath that there’s a link between Casey’s supposed robbery and Adam Sharpe. While the boys still believe Adam is dead, Heath goes to warn Bianca.

Harvey pretends that he and Roo are having problems as a ruse to see how John is doing for a worried Marilyn. But John suggests that Roo is going through menopause and Harvey tells Marilyn that if she’s worried about John she might need to ask him herself.