Maddy’s worried about Spencer

Spencer returns with Chris but Maddy and Harvey notice he’s somewhat withdrawn and not himself. Maddy arranges to meet him for breakfast but Spencer’s nowhere to be found and she confides in Harvey that she’s worried. Harvey catches up with Spencer later and tells him of Maddy’s concerns but the teenager is quite cool with him. Then when Maddy sees him again he confesses that he’s thinking of returning to his parents… and he wants her to come with him.

Indi deals with her grief by throwing herself into her work at the gym but is making some extreme decisions. Casey turns up to check on his employment situation and Indi stuns him with the news he’s no longer needed. Seeing Casey’s distress, Sid tells him about Romeo’s condition and that he’s disappeared. Indi accuses him of knowing of Romeo’s condition but Casey eventually convinces her he didn’t and she eventually agrees to give him his job back.

Later, unable to handle the fact that her father didn’t tell her about her husband’s condition, Indi snaps at Sid and makes it clear she’s furious with him.