Piper is shattered by Tyler’s confession, while Mark annoyed he hadn’t come forward sooner but still sets about investigating the claim. But Terese is now torn; part of her wants Paul to be innocent, but a conviction for Tyler will upset Piper. When Tyler is cleared, Paul’s devastated but with Madison’s help he resumes his fight to find the real culprit.

Sarah confides in Karl and Susan that, after she dies, she’s concerned about what will happen to her wayward 16-year old son, Angus. She doesn’t believe there’s anyone else who could possibly look after him and give him what he needs, apart from them. She realises how ridiculous this notion is, but she’s desperate.

Brad finds out before the ceremony that he’s the winner of Erinsborough’s Citizen of the Year Award. But Ned feels that his father is completely unworthy of the honour and decides to show up Brad’s failings in a very public and humiliating way.