Maggie is livid that her anniversary has been ruined and sulks off to bed. Ben storms out and tells Justin about the evening. Justin advises Ben to just apologise to Diana for the sake of peace but, when Ben goes home and attempts to make amends, he gets it wrong and offends Diana even more.

Later, Maggie pleads with Ben to make peace with Diana. Ben decides to make more an effort this time, and Diana and Ben call a truce and come together to give Maggie a wonderful surprise…

Meanwhile, Justin forces Mason to come and help out at the garage. Justin gives Mason the task to fix a rattling noise coming from an extremely expensive car. When Ziggy arrives, he tells her to finish off some outstanding paperwork. Justin heads off and, when Ziggy sees Mason struggling to fix the car, she does it for him.

Afterwards, Ziggy pops out to tend to a family emergency, so Mason finishes off her paperwork. When Ziggy gets back, the pair realise what a great team they make and take the expensive car out for a spin, but they get a surprise when the bumper falls off!

Also, Novak and Robbo stare at each other across a table and it doesn’t take long before Novak presses Robbo’s buttons. Novak calls Robbo by the name of Beckett Reid. Robbo angrily screams that he’s no longer that man. Novak explains that he was sent to kill Kat before he lost his memory, which pushes Robbo to breaking point. Robbo grabs Novak and the pair get into a brawl where Robbo eventually gains the upper hand – but how will he keep Kat safe without killing Novak?