Maggie is rushed to hospital as she endures the side effects of her chemotherapy. Ben tries to comfort the girls as Maggie is taken in for treatment. Later, Brody takes Ziggy and Coco home, as it’s clear that Maggie needs some space. While at home, Brody asks Ziggy if she wants to move in with him. What will Ziggy say? The next morning, Ziggy and Coco return to the hospital and they are shocked to see how weak Maggie is.

Meanwhile, Irene is trying to help Olivia work through her ‘designer’s block,’ but nothing seems to be working. Olivia tells Irene what is different is that she isn’t spending time with Hunter. She goes off to see him to discuss their break-up and assumes he’ll be down in the dumps like her, but she sees him looking cosy on a date with Jennifer. It seems like things are well and truly over for Hunter and Olivia.

Also, Jasmine wants to get her life back on track. So when she bumps into Mason and expresses her desire to improve her fitness, he offers her a free gym trial. The pair begin their trial and it is clear that there is chemistry between the pair. After the session is over, Jasmine leaves, but she is unaware that her stalker David has been to the gym and knows where she is staying…