Maggie is a bag of nerves as she prepares for her upcoming appointment, which will reveal how much her cancer has spread. However, Coco is determined to come to the appointment – can her family convince her to not come without hurting her feelings? And will it be positive news for Maggie at the hospital?

As Roo packs her bags, Alf tries to reason with her to stay, but Roo has made up her mind. Ryder sees Roo leaving and asks questions. Roo reassures him she’s only a phone call away. John and Marilyn visit Alf to see how he is shaping up and Alf quickly puts a mysterious letter away. What is he hiding? Alf announces that Roo has moved out, but plays things down, assuring them both that she will be back. Later, Marilyn visits Roo at a motel and Roo tells Marilyn she won’t be returning home…

Olivia looks longingly at photos of Axel in Paris on her phone. She then receives a text for him, as he wants an update on her winter collection. The problem is that Olivia hasn’t even started designing it, as she doesn’t feel inspired. So Irene has an idea to get her creative juices flowing again. Will Irene’s idea work?

Back at Roo’s motel room, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Alf – he has a letter for Roo and it is from Martha. Will Roo let him in and will she read the letter?

Finally, Maggie has her first round of chemotherapy – but she collapses. Is Maggie OK?