When Sheila, an Alzheimer’s sufferer, stumbles into a rowdy barbeque, a brawl breaks out and Sheila’s husband, and a pregnant woman, Amber, are brought into casualty. Amber gives birth to a little girl, and Tess and Maggie are suspicious when Amber’s partner, Terry, tries to take the baby straight away.

Social services confirm that Terry is a sex offender, but Amber refuses to give up her baby and vows to stand by her man. Maggie tries to persuade Amber to leave Terry and keep her baby, but Amber get angry and violently headbutts her. Terry vows to seek revenge on whoever called social services.

Abs’ sense of responsibility towards Stacey starts to get in the way of his nursing duties when Simon finds that he’s allowed his mate to sit in an empty MIU cubicle. Charlie and Abs discuss a battle plan against the MIU but Marylin tempts Abs with the possibility of an alcohol clinic. Later, Abs feels let down when Stacey deteriorates further.

Meanwhile, Toby asks Maggie out to dinner to thank her for her support, causing Maggie to turn down one of Charlie’s subtle advances. Later, Maggie makes a shock discovery when she finds Toby in bed with Joanne.