Maggie is given the results of Kris Kemp’s post mortem, which point to her being the one to blame for his death. Protesting her innocence, Maggie insists it was Simon’s fault but there are no notes to back up her claim. An inquest has been called and, if a coroner decides that Maggie’s actions caused Kris’ death, she will be subject to a criminal prosecution. Maggie feels the pressure of being watched over and lashes out at Charlie when he tries to help.

Abs’ friend Stacey is trying to stay off the drink, but he’s now suffering from hallucinations. While out driving, Stacey is involved in an accident but when he gets to A & E, Abs doesn’t believe that Stacey wasn’t drunk behind the wheel. Ruth soon realises that Stacey is going cold turkey and Abs is pleased when Stacey’s tests reveals he’s clean.

Meanwhile, Toby’s is a great mood. With flats lined up to see and a future with Joanne all mapped out, he thinks he’s untouchable. But a patient ends up playing on Toby’s naivety – and it looks like Joanne has her own plans…