Maggie’s in the dock

Maggie’s court case begins and she starts to doubt herself. Charlie asks Zoe if she’s sure Maggie asked Simon to order a test for Kris Kemp, and Zoe lies, saying Maggie didn’t. But when Zoe tells Marilyn that she didn’t see if Maggie ordered notes or not, Marilyn warns her to stick to her story – or she’ll tell everyone about her affair with Sean.

In court, things start badly when Simon lies under oath. Charlie realises that Simon must have made another file � one that would prove Maggie ordered the test – and sends Noel to find it but Noel has little success. Elsewhere, Jessica finds a file and tells Zoe. It’s Kris Kemp’s file confirming that Maggie did order a test. Will Maggie be cleared?

Meanwhile, a young boy is brought in with cuts to his body and Kelsey realises he’s panicking because he can’t hear. Kelsey’s eager to find someone who knows sign language – and is amazed when Big Mac begins signing with the boy.

When Snezana’s asthmatic friend, Marko, begs for medication, she refuses to steal and tells him to visit the ED. Later, Jeff and Snezana are called to a quarry, and Snezana is shocked to find an unconscious Marko trapped in a truck.

And Ruth is jealous when Toby is interviewed by a journalist.