High-powered US politician Ralph Fiennes checks into the New York hotel where Jennifer Lopez works as a chambermaid.

On a whim, she decides to try on some designer clothes while cleaning snooty Natasha Richardson’s room and, no sooner has Fiennes seen her, than they’re out for a romantic stroll in the park…

Written by John Hughes, the story’s  contrivance is all part of the charm of this cute modern Cinderella story. Fiennes brings real warmth to his role and Lopez makes her character a fetching blend of ambitious grit and wide-eyed tenderness.

The script also has some tart fun at the expense of rich guests who tend to behave as if their servants don’t exist – though she sends up the role something rotten, Richardson’s condescending character is all too believable. And, as Lionel the hotel butler, Bob Hoskins makes his every wise word count.

This old-fashioned and charmingly played feelgood romcom is much better than expected.