Maisie and Andy’s secret is out!

Maisie offers to look after Sarah for Andy, but she soon tires of babysitting and tempts Andy into bed while Sarah sleeps. Debbie arrives at Butlers and is furious to find Sarah alone. Maisie tries talking to Andy, but he’s in a foul mood and orders her out. Maisie confronts Debbie in The Woolpack. Nathan overhears and is stunned to realise that Maisie’s secret lover is Andy. When Andy arrives there’s nearly a confrontation between him and Nathan, but Diane warns Andy to cool it.

Sandy is hiding out in Jarvis’s shed after being chucked out of Ashley‘s. Debbie finds him and tells him that she promised Jasmine that she’d take care of him. Sandy is moved and they have a heart-to-heart and Sandy finally accepts Jasmine’s fate and realises he needs to rebuild his relationship with his family. Sandy apologises to Ashley and they are reconciled.

Katie is unimpressed when she discovers Lee shouting at Sam. Later, Nathan tries to convince Katie to go to lunch with him but she refuses and offers the compromise of going for a drink. Lee turns up to apologise to Katie for their earlier run-in and he’s put out to see that she’s having drinks with Nathan.

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