Maisie and Nikhil’s engagement ends in tears

It seems that where there’s a Will there won’t be an engagement party for Maisie and Nikhil – and there won’t be a wedding, either. As Holdgate Farm is dressed up for the party later on Will hears Jai saying he doesn’t think Nikhil and Maisie will go the distance. Well, he’s only saying what a few people are thinking – including Maisie. But having heard that, the party itself proves too much for Will and he breaks down, confused and unhappy about his future. That helps Maisie see her future more clearly and she knows it’s not with Nikhil. So she takes her fiance to one side and tells him it’s over – she doesn’t love him.

Katie has to break Andy’s heart, too. He buys her a bracelet to replace the one stolen in the burglary, then asks her to give him – to give them – another chance. Katie’s lost for words and Andy takes this as a good sign. But Katie finds her voice later and tells a heartbroken Andy that they will never get back together…

Viv’s hoping she can get together with Terry and kisses him – and he kisses her back, briefly, before making his escape.

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