Maisie and Will say goodbye to Emmerdale

So, Maisie’s no longer engaged to Nikhil and has told him she doesn’t love him. That makes for a very awkward atmosphere around the breakfast table at Holdgate Farm. Maisie realises she and Will can’t go on living there; that would just be torture for Nikhil. So Maisie tells him that she and Will are leaving Emmerdale. She does it quickly, too. By the end of the day Maisie’s all packed up and being driven out of Emmerdale with Will in a taxi, Nikhil’s too heartbroken to watch as she leaves and Jai (for once) is not happy about being right.

Meanwhile, Carl’s back in the village. He’s not at all happy about the way things turned out and he tells Chas he wants his money. Of course he does; that’s always been more important to him than anything. He also tells her he’s going to get even, which worries Chas – and so it should.

In fact, everyone in the village should be worried right now as they’re all in danger… There’s an arsonist among them and, as the villagers sleep, the fire starter pours petrol around rubbish left outside Victoria Cottage and soon flames are leaping towards the whole row of houses!

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