Cain thinks he has Mark Wylde’s murder all figured out. Nathan did it, Natasha’s covering up for him and Ryan’s been framed. He’s certainly on the right track. But he can’t convince Maisie of that. When he tries to, she freaks out and, convinced Ryan’s the bad guy, she starts to delete photos of him from her phone.

Has Cain pushed Maisie too far? No, just far enough. Because while she’s trying to erase Ryan from her life she spots a picture of him at Gennie and Jamie’s leaving party in May wearing the incriminating chain that he’s supposed to have lost the night he allegedly killed Mark in January. What???

There’s anger in The Woolpack, too, as Nicola continues to be herself and upsets the staff with her rudeness. Bob, Moira and Marlon all need someone to speak up for them and Val does just that, telling the little madam to pull her scrawny little neck in and apologise to them (or words to that effect).

For all his coldness, Carl can’t keep his eyes off dirty flirty Eve – and she knows it. She’s supposed to be working for Scarlett, but is much more interested in doing funny business with Carl…

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