Ryan’s New Year’s resolution should be strengthen his willpower. Less than 24 hours after telling Maisie he wants nothing to do with her, he’s got his tongue down her throat – and it’s not mouth-to-mouth resuscitation! He and Katie are invited in to Home Farm by Natasha for a drink – so far, so innocent. But when Katie asks him to get her jacket from the office, that vixen Maisie follows him and pounces. He could have resisted, but he doesn’t. Instead, he enjoys himself. Will he stop at one kiss?

Lisa’s also trying her hand at deception… She hasn’t told Zak about her nude modelling, but he starts to wonder where the money for Christmas came from. Not him, that’s for sure! Lisa confesses and Zak’s angry – about the lying and the modelling. Will she be keeping her clothes on for future assignments?

Cain and Carl display rare signs of maturity when they run into each other in the pub, with their other halves in tow. Determined to make amends to Chas for past juvenile tantrums, Carl congratulates Cain and Charity on their engagement and the men shake hands – without breaking any bones! Can such civilised behaviour last?

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