Having told Ryan he’s got her full support Maisie heads to Home Farm to tell Natasha about her forthcoming court appearance. Well, that’s really put the cat among the pigeons and Natasha’s feathers are well and truly ruffled. Faye, of course, is thrilled – especially as Ryan’s prison ally Abi has been transferred because someone reported her to the Governor. Nasty Nathan’s proud of that move, but his smug satisfaction is quickly replaced by fury when he hears what Maisie has to say.

Carl’s on a bit of a sticky wicket, too. Having told dirty flirty Eve that she’s his number one girl, she wants to show off her man. Well, he did say he was going to dump Chas. He buys himself some time by telling Eve he has to pick his moment as Chas has had a run of rough luck lately. Tick-tock, though, Carl – Eve won’t wait long. Nicola, meanwhile, wastes no time telling Scarlett about Carl’s sexting with another woman. Now, when is Chas due back…?

Amy wants to be on her way and tries to sneak out of the B&B without paying. That’s a silly move to make on an old pro like Val, though.

*Second episode*

There’s a bit of a treat for the village gossips as Maisie screams at nasty Nathan, calling him a murderer and saying she’s staying with Faye as she doesn’t want to be anywhere near him. Genuinely distressed, Nathan tries to explain how he did what he did for Maisie and Will. What?! Faye and Maisie want to know exactly what he means, but before they can get any answers Natasha sweeps in and whisks Nathan home.

Life isn’t much fun for Pollard, either. He’s got a shifty new employee – Amy – who’s working off her bill and Cain has ruined the B&B’s kerb appeal by dumping Amy’s broken down car right outside. Amy can’t pay to have the car fixed so she’s got it back unfixed. Well, at least she can’t make a quick exit in it before she’s settled her debts.

Alicia needs money, too, and will walk over anyone to get work. She tries to fix things so that Leyla fires Doug and she gets his job. Her plan doesn’t work, though, so she moves on to The Woolpack. Diane’s desperate for help, but she’s heard about Alicia’s sly tricks. The last thing she needs is more trouble…

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