Maisie leaves the village!

Maisie’s off. She didn’t get the response she was hoping for from her mum after she declared that Nathan murdered Mark and she can’t bear to live at Home Farm any more. She goes to visit Ryan to tell him she’s leaving and he’s devastated. Will somebody please visit him with good news! The thing is, though, Maisie still has the photo that could save Ryan.

Farmer John is desperate to save Holly, but she doesn’t want to be saved. He gets Scarlett to promise Holly some money then turns up in Scarlett’s place. Well, he looks nothing like Scarlett and, drugs or not, Holly can see that. John tries to drag her home, but Adam steps in, horrified by his dad’s aggression. Holly takes the chance to do a runner and John has to go home empty-handed and face the wrath of Moira.

It’s the wrath of Edna that dirty flirty Eve needs to worry about. Not long after she’s enjoyed a romp with Carl in the back of his truck, Eve is faced with Edna’s suspicions that she’s being inappropriate with someone else’s man. Very intuitive, Edna. Better be careful, Eve, or you could need a new home.

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