Maisie, Maisie, give him your answer do

Nikhil’s half crazy, all for the love of Maisie, so he’s desperate to know her answer to his proposal. But Maisie isn’t going to be rushed (and Nikhil shouldn’t rush her – her last marriage lasted only a few weeks, remember). She goes to Ryan, hoping he’ll change his mind and agree to live with her and Will. But he won’t. So she goes back to Nikhil and says ‘yes’, she’ll marry him. Nikhil doesn’t know he’s second choice, though, and he doesn’t know Will’s not as happy as a kid ought to be when he finds out his sister’s marrying the owner of a sweet factory.

Up at the very same sweet factory, life is usually a jolly lark for the packers. But a terrible incident leaves Lisa traumatised.

Jacob’s over the trauma of his pre-Christmas runaway misadventure, but his parents – the Alicia and Justin ones – are still putting him through the trauma of their fights over who has custody of him. Justin picks up Jacob from school ahead of Alicia, who gets all gobby about it. What she really needs to do, though, is sort this out before it gets really nasty.

*Second episode*

Following her trauma Lisa is stunned by the reaction of one of her colleagues. She struggles to keep her composure and, when she gets home, almost breaks down. But Lisa is a strong woman and she manages to carry on as normal. There are times, though, when even strong women need someone to confide in, and this is one of those times.

This is also one of those times when Val and Pollard need their heads banging together. And it’s Amy who makes them see sense, with help from Diane. Now that Pollard has confessed that he wanted to kill Elizabeth and probably would have if the plane crash hadn’t killed her, Val thinks she’s not safe with him. But when you think about all she’s put him through over the years, he’d have killed her a long time ago if he was going to. As it is, Pollard is heartbroken at the thought he’s lost Val. But he hasn’t. She sees sense and sees they belong together.

Neither Will nor Ryan is convinced that Maisie belongs with Nikhil. Even Maisie doesn’t seem totally convinced but Nikhil is positive that he can make Maisie a very happy woman…

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