Maisie makes a move on Andy

Maisie convinces Nathan to make Andy an improved offer for the cattle. Andy enjoys seeing Nathan grovel and celebrates his ‘victory’ in The Woolpack, but he’s taken aback when Maisie reveals her part in the deal. Later, Maisie takes a celebration hamper to Butlers and she and Andy get tipsy. Maisie moves in for a kiss, but she’s left disappointed when Andy tells her he can’t get involved.

Lisa makes it clear to Zak that he’s not making enough effort as the Dingles discuss raising money to renovate a destroyed Tug Ghyll for Debbie. Lisa also talks to Andy about Debbie seeing Sarah and is angry when Andy refuses joint access. Gennie lets slip that Bob is keeping a wad of cash in the shop and Aaron suggests they rob him to pay for the renovations. Zak reluctantly agrees, but insists that they keep it from Lisa.

Jimmy confesses to Carl that he didn’t write the love letter to Nicola, but he does want Nicola to live with him and he asks his brother not to stand in the way of his happiness. Jimmy finds out that Sandy wrote the letter and thanks him for helping out. Nicola moves into Mulberry, unaware of the truth behind the offer.

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