Mercedes is getting bored of Carmel endlessly talking about Calvin, and is becoming more and more miserable. To cheer her up, Malachy offers to take her for a meal. When Carmel finds out that Malachy and Mercedes are going to Il Gnosh, she suggests a double date. Malachy is horrified, but agrees.

Cindy has her sights set on revenge, wanting to punish Jake for what has happened to Holly. Feeling unsupported by Tony, she tells him she wants some space. Darren arrives at the hospital to a warm welcome from Cindy but when he tries to leave, Cindy pleads with him to stay. Frustrated that he won’t she marches through the village, stunned to see Tony working in Il Gnosh.

Jake is the target of abuse when he returns to the village after being questioned about Holly. Frankie and Loretta welcome Jake with open arms; however Steph has her reservations. She finally snaps leaving Frankie with an ultimatum; it’s her or Jake.

Also, Jake and Loretta hide out at the Osbornes’ and Jake receives a phone call from a mysterious woman. He pops out to pick up a bottle of wine. Hours pass and there’s no sign of him. Fearing some mishap Steph decides she has to call the police.

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