Malachy tries to convince the police he’s Calvin’s murderer, while Mercedes urges Jacqui to turn Theresa in. The police grow suspicious of Malachy’s incredulous story realising that he’s simply trying to protect his wife. With his brother prepared to take the rap for something he didn’t do, Kris and Mercedes come to blows.

When Malachy breaks them up, Kris is left facing the ugly truth – Malachy is still trying to protect Mercedes, despite all she’s done. Malachy’s expecting gratitude from Mercedes, but gets a short, sharp slap, she can’t believe that he thinks she’s the killer that got rid of Calvin.

Loretta makes Jake jump through hoops to please her – he slept with Caroline and needs to make things up. Jake does his romantic best to impress, he thinks he’s won Loretta round when she sneaks off to look at flats.

Jake is later surprised to find Loretta in a heated argument with estate agent, Adam, and then amazed to see Adam push Loretta away. Convinced Adam is a psycho stalker, Jake sees red.

Also; Ste watches Olly and Amy wander round half-naked and jealously tries to spoil their fun.

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