Malachy and Mercedes sit down to enjoy a meal together and it’s clear that there’s something between them. When baby Angel stirs upstairs, Mercedes is impressed as Malachy shows her how to settle the baby. He asks for Mercedes’ forgiveness, but she admits that she drove him to it. They make the decision to give their marriage another go and head out.

Brendan, Cheryl and Lynsey are shocked to see them reunited, but they vow that they are back together forever. As they walk through the village, Malachy reels from a surprising proposition from Mercedes. The couple stand in front of Il Gnosh when suddenly there’s an almighty explosion; they are blown off their feet and come crashing down, covered in debris. As the wreckage of Il Gnosh stands ablaze behind them, Malachy and Mercedes’ bodies lie motionless together.

Cheryl and Lynsey come to blows following Cheryl’s discovery that Lynsey went behind her back with Malachy. Brendan tries to intervene, and Lynsey’s offers Cheryl an apology. The girls bury the hatchet and head off for a night out together.

Also; Brendan’s on edge as Cheryl tries to discover the identity of his mystery love interest. Later, Cheryl is downbeat on hearing the news that Malachy and Mercedes are back together.

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