Calvin’s worried when he gets another letter from the council complaining about noise and fighting in the street. When Darren wanders in already tipsy, Malachy refuses to serve him and Sasha tells Malachy he can’t turn away paying customers.

Malachy accuses Sasha of having double standards when Jake comes in, just like Darren, Jake is a paying customer. Sasha retaliates – Jake killed her mother. Darren continues to push Malachy until eventually he snaps and Jake manages to break up the fight. Afterwards, Malachy persuades Calvin that he should take on Jake as door-staff. Sasha can’t believe it.

Newt is annoyed when Jake comes into his room and encourages him not to run away from his problems. Later, as Rae leaves her house, Newt is videoing her. Newt approaches Rae, but she threatens to call the police. Theresa finds him but is disturbed when she notices the video of Rae. Later, Newt makes up with Jake, he has decided to make some changes.

Also; Dave reveals that he’s behind the prank calls, and Archie doesn’t take it well. Despite their differences, Charlotte’s sympathetic. That night, Archie can’t sleep. And as he goes to the fridge, he doesn’t notice the dead rat that’s been left there…

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