Brendan sees Cheryl counting up the donations for Steph’s charity walk and Gilly and Cheryl agree to keep it in the club safe. Brendan puts on a balaclava and robs the safe. Malachy and Lynsey hear the club’s burglar alarm. Brendan tries to do a runner, but Malachy catches up with him.

Jacqui catches Myra on an internet dating site and she offers to sign Jacqui up. Meanwhile, Gilly signs Rhys up for the same site. Rhys’s profile takes Jacqui’s fancy and she unsuspectingly contacts him. Rhys and Jacqui unwittingly chat to each other online and both pronounce themselves to be in love.

Alistair arrives with some flowers for Cindy. He offers to go and get her a coffee while Amber steals Cindy’s phone and texts for Tony to come over. Amber points out Cindy and Alistair flirting to Tony, but he doesn’t care. Alistair asks Cindy out and she happily accepts.

Also; Tex manages to persuade India to turn up to meet Grandpa and settle their financial differences, while she plans to go out and party. India dresses as primly as possible and is miffed when he doesn’t show up. Tex arrives at Il Gnosh and when Tony compliments Tex’s outfit, India reaches the end of her tether and walks out.

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