Malachy has a fall

Malachy takes charge of the workers at The Loft and helps an inexperienced Calvin learn the ropes. Calvin is frustrated when he has to spend most of the day fending off attention from Cheryl, who has offered to take charge of Spencer while Calvin’s at work. Spencer is left alone in the yard and spills beer. Malachy slips on the puddle and Mercy finds him lying injured on the floor.

Kris and the graduates have their first day at work at the call centre and manager Sheila leaves Kris in charge while she nips out and ends up getting the graduates’ backs up. Later, Sarah is furious when she takes a pervy call and Sheila insists she carry on with the sale. Sarah quits, closely followed by Zoe and Zak when Kris is rude about Zak’s accent.

Abi goes to hospital with Daniel to see to his wounds and Daniel confesses that he provoked Natty into hitting him. Abi sees a newborn baby at the hospital and can barely contain her longing. Daniel realises that Abi is pining for Lucas and he feels under pressure when Abi says that she wants to leave Hollyoaks so they can be a family again.

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