Malachy’s still tied to the bed while Veronica robs the McQueens. When Mercedes comes home she refuses to untie Malachy until he’s explained why he’s tied to their bed, calling out another woman’s name. Meanwhile, Veronica lies to Carmel that she’s a cleaner, hired by Malachy as a surprise and has free reign of the unattended shop. Later, Carmel comes home and the McQueen’s realise Veronica’s stolen from their business. And once Veronica’s safely away she calls her mystery accomplice.

Jasmine’s forced to hide from Carl as he narrowly escapes seeing her dressed as a boy. Carl, who still thinks he chased off a boy, not his own daughter wants to have a word with her, he’s concerned for her safety with gangs of lads hanging around. On arriving back at the pub, Jasmine hides the incriminating boys clothes.

Jacqui’s sold Des’s engagement ring and treats Michaela, Myra and Carmel to drinks, but she decides judgemental Carl doesn’t deserve paying. So while he’s distractede, the McQueens do a runner.

Also; Lauren’s got a visiting order from Gaz. Meanwhile, Leo’s been offered a job in another county, and he wants Sasha to move there with him. Lauren soon realises her parents are trying to buy her affections.

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