Malachy ties Veronica up, while she tells him he’s a mug for letting Mercedes walk all over him. When he gets back to the village, he tells Mercedes he’s moving out. He’s finally seen the light and knows it was only ever a matter of time before she cheated. As a parting gift, Mal lets Mercedes know where she can find her stolen goods and the thief. And we discover Veronica’s partner in crime is someone we all know.

Sasha tells Lauren she needs to let Leo know she’s going to Spain. Lauren finds Leo talking to Carmel about how sad it will be not having her around. Feeling guilty, Lauren tells her dad she’ll stay.

Brenden thinks Cheryl’s invited his estranged wife Eileen to Hollyoaks, but it turns out to be her old friend Lynsey. Malachy’s delighted to see her, though Lynsey’s a little disappointed that Kris has already left. When she realises Malachy now single, she offers to get him a drink and toast new beginnings.

Also; Mitzeee finds a pair of ‘Jason’s’ boxer-shorts on Jasmine’s floor and Heidi walks in demanding to know who the they belong to. Jasmine claims the shorts are Bart’s and Heidi gives away more than she should when she warns Jasmine not to let Carl find out.

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