Malachy makes an impulsive decision

Malachy heads over to see Mercedes as he tries to deal with news of his dad’s death. Meanwhile, after rejecting Elliot’s offer of support, Kris breaks down and, when Malachy returns, the brothers resolve to return to Ireland together to deliver the tragic news to their mother. But Malachy suddenly decides he can’t be without Mercedes and makes an impulsive decision…

Justin and Ste discuss Justin’s fling with his older woman before talk turns to Ste’s anger management session. Justin tries to encourage a dismissive Ste to stick with the counselling in order to win Amy back. Later, Ste goes to find Amy, but ends up taunting Michaela. Amy, Josh and Sasha turn on him and Amy makes her feelings towards Ste, clear. An angry Ste heads home, resigning himself to the fact that he is never going to get her back.

Russ is finding it hard to adjust to life without Tina, but feels better when Jacqui urges him to visit his son whenever he wants. Later, with Nancy’s encouragement, Russ meets Ravi for drinks and manages to laugh for the first time in days.

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