Malachy searches through CCTV footage from Chez Chez, determined to find the attacker. Becoming convinced it was Brendan, he feels he must tell Cheryl. Lynsey appeals to his better judgement, knowing Cheryl won’t believe him. But he’s made up his mind, breaking the news to her with disastrous consequences.

Lee’s convinced Jamil to be the leading man, and is taking the cast through their lines. Watching Jamil perform, Texas decides he’s hot and flirts with him. A jealous India confronts Tex who makes no secret of her intentions. India points out to Tex that she has already been with Jamil, and therefore it’s her turn. The Longford sisters prepare for battle.

Darren has the cheque for 50,000 pounds safely in his hand. Meanwhile, Jem has bumped into Jack and Tom and tells them Darren’s going to spend his 50,000 pounds on the deposit for their house. They spot Darren outside Relish, still dreaming about his new life, and thank him. He’s puzzled and clearly has no idea what they’re talking about. But he sees how happy Tom and Jack are and decides he can’t let them down.

Also; Diane tells Sinead she’s going to the hospital to speak to the nurses. Frustrated, she heads back to school, but later returns home to make a shocking discovery.

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