Malachy walks in on Calvin and Mercedes!

Malachy admits to Jake that he’d be lost without Mercedes and goes to The Loft alone. He runs straight up to the office but is stopped in his tracks. Mercedes and Calvin, unaware of Malachy’s arrival, are in the throes of passion.

Jake is hopeful when Loretta arrives dragging something behind her and thinks she’s moving back in. Loretta tells him it’s his Christmas present but it comes with bad news – she has to go home… today! Jake suggests he go with her to meet her parents. But Loretta rejects his idea, saying his place is at home with his family.

Also; Kris gives Anita some advice, but his tough love attitude backfires and Anita runs off. Nancy is straight on her high horse telling Kris that this is proof he’s not cut out for a career in counselling.

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