Malachy asks Calvin for the wages he’s owed. Calvin explains that there’s a cash flow problem with Spencer not selling, and rushes off without coughing up what Malachy’s owed.

Mercedes is alarmed to find a postcard from Canada in Malachy’s pocket. She offers her services at The Loft, but she only succeeds in upsetting Spencer. Turning to Calvin and Sasha for help, Spencer’s soon ensconced in the Valentines and asks them to help him run the club. Seeking revenge on Spencer, Mercedes embarks on a plan to sue him for Malachy’s not so recent accident at the Loft.

Ravi’s overhears a conversation between his parents as Bel suggests Leila should apply for a carer’s allowance to look after him. Meanwhile, Anita is disappointed when Leila dashes her hopes and tells her she can’t stay with her. The family are stunned into silence when Ravi announces he’s staying put too! Leila offers to share with Ravi, and before they realise what’s happening, Anita has jumped onto the suggestion too.

Also; Jack and Frankie’s search for Newt continues as they call round hospitals and hostels in attempt to locate his whereabouts. Tempers are soon tested when Tom starts to feel neglected and demands that he wants to practice for his forthcoming football match.

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