Malachy whacks Rhys

Malachy encourages Mercedes to return home and tell the McQueens the good news about her HIV test results. However, Myra is unhappy at what Malachy has put her daughter through, and advises Mercedes to leave him and get on with her life. Meanwhile, Malachy overhears their conversation and feels guilty for putting Mercedes through the horror of the HIV scare.

Later, when Mercedes tries to get amorous with him he pulls away, leaving her crushed. Mercedes heads to The Dog where she confides in Rhys about her marriage. Malachy is horrified at seeing them together, and ends up punching Rhys before telling Mercedes he’s been stupid and he loves her.

Zoe is annoyed with Archie for sleeping with Sarah, convinced he is just using her. Sarah joins Archie for a drink in the SU Bar, oblivious that he has been comparing her performance in the bedroom with the other girls in his little black book. Zoe tries to warn Sarah off her brother, but smitten Sarah pays no attention.

Amy continues to get emotional at the thought of being left alone when her dad goes travelling and Josh goes away to uni. However, she is thrilled when Josh asks her to move to university with him.

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