Malachy’s ex turns up at Warren’s funeral

Sasha wonders how she’ll cope on the day of Warren’s funeral, especially as a grieving Spencer is difficult to control. Meanwhile, there’s trouble in store when Malachy’s ex Cheryl turns up on his doorstep and demands he take her to the funeral so she can find Zak. Michaela is furious when Cheryl turns up, as is Mercedes, who slaps her hubby when she sees him with his ex!

Sasha is furious when the funeral turns into farce after Cheryl’s arrival and she orders everyone out. Cheryl offers the McQueens a peace offering and decides to stay in the village. Meanwhile, Sasha and Spencer are alone at the funeral and Spencer bangs on Warren’s coffin, not able to believe his brother is dead. Spencer is heartened when he gets a mysterious message that appears to be from Warren.

Lauren texts Newt and asks him to come to Warren’s funeral with her. Theresa is angry when Newt puts off spending time with her until later, although he fails to reveal that he’s had a summons from Lauren. At the funeral, Newt gets it in the neck from Lauren for dating Theresa and when he gets back to the village Theresa finds out he’s been with Lauren and flounces off!

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