Malick faces a killer!

Malick’s keen to prove to Ric and Serena that he can run Keller without their help, when Ric asks him to treat tricky prisoner Stuart Belling. Stuart is a convicted murderer, who’s made his stomach ulcer worse by being on hunger strike, but he won’t give his consent for surgery until his daughter Kelly turns up.

Kelly tells Malick that Stuart’s in prison because he beat her mother – who’s black – to death. Malick jumps to conclusions that he’s a racist, but then Stuart admits he was actually being attacked by his wife, who was mentally ill.

When Stuart collapses before giving his consent, Malick must decide whether or not to override the man’s wishes. Malick knows he’s putting his job on the line by operating on Stuart without consent but, with Kelly begging him to save her father, Malick’s determined to save him.

Meanwhile, Eddi wants to prove that she can cope under the pressure of the non-referral policy, but her determination to be efficient, and the encouragement of a new locum, leads to her discharging a patient who is seriously ill.

Also, Jac doesn’t want to help Elliot out with a difficult patient, until he attacks her for her selfishness. Jac realises she can play as part of the team when she wants to.