Malick gambles his career to help a grieving mother

Malick finds himself drawn further into the case of convicted murder accomplice Amanda Leyton this week when a grieving mother turns up at Holby wanting information on one of the victims. Susannah Harris believes Amanda and lover Thomas Sandwell killed her daughter Simone, whose body was never found. All Susannah wants is for Amanda to admit they killed Simone and reveal where her body is. Malick secretly arranges for Susannah to speak to Amanda, in recovery after being stabbed last week.

Amanda insists she didn’t kill Simone, but Malick’s certain she knows something and pushes her for answers. Malick knows Amanda’s condition is deteriorating and that she has a Do Not Resuscitate directive on her file. If she arrests, she would be allowed to die and Susannah will never know what happened to Simone. But as Amanda tried to commit suicide last week, legally, the directive is void, and Amanda should be kept alive. Will Malick issue his own brand of justice to give both Susannah and Amanda what they want?

Meanwhile, Gemma deals with a patient who thinks she is a vampire, while warding off the charms of posh new doctor Harry. How long will she be able to resist? 

Also, Ollie’s denial about his grief over Tara’s death begins to break down, as he contemplates his future without her.