Malick tries but fails to impress Ric

Malick’s day gets off to a flying start when he’s forced to deliver a heroin addict’s baby boy in reception. Malick’s desperate to show Ric he’s the best, but Ric is far from impressed, especially when the new mum develops complications.

When she later collapses with severe blood loss, Malick performs a life-saving operation – but Ric is furious. Malick realises it will be a long time before he’ll be in Ric’s good books…

Drinking heavily to deal with his problems, Greg feels let down by his team after his young patient dies. When Sahira steps in to try and reason with him, he rejects her kindness and instead makes a serious error of judgement with a new patient.

When Dan makes a late-night booty call to Chrissie, she’s seriously unimpressed. When he says it’s because things between them haven’t moved on fast enough, she is even more affronted and Dan must pick up the pieces and make things up to her.