Malick’s in need of excitement!

Malick is frustrated by the lack of surgeries coming his way. Ric offers him a chance to assist on an exciting kidney transplant, but it clashes with a routine, yet vital, operation for another patient. Determined not to miss out on this golden opportunity, Malick has to decide whether to follow his career or his conscience.

When a patient gets flirty with Hanssen, he insists that Sahira assists him with the operation. But Sahira thinks Greg needs to be kept busy, so Hanssen asks him to scrub in. But when complications occur, Sahira is forced to help Hanssen. However, later, Hanssen gets some news that could threaten their dream team for good…

Also, Sacha connects with a professional snowboarder who is brought in with a head injury. But Eddie is given cause for concern that Sacha is becoming too emotionally involved.