Life is sweet for Holby registrar Antoine Malick right now – but his bubble is burst this week when old flame Anna arrives at the hospital. She’s the mother of Jake, the son Malick never knew he had, who turned up as a porter at Holby recently, only to be fired!

Malick wants to avoid others on Keller ward finding out about his past with Anna, who’s been admitted with severe stomach pains. Malick refuses to talk about Jake and just wants to focus on being Anna’s surgeon as he’s forced to operate to remove her gallbladder.

But then Malick discovers Anna has terminal cancer and may have just weeks to live. Ric breaks the devastating news to Anna, who reveals her connection to Malick. When Anna overhears Malick telling Ric he wants nothing to do with her or Jake, she tries to discharge herself and collapses.

As Anna rests, Ric warns Malick not to make the mistakes he made with his own son. But can Malick become a father to Jake?

Meanwhile, Jonny is gearing himself up for Jac’s return but is thrown when she arrives back early. Wondering how they can work together after everything that’s gone on between them, the pair agree to be civil. But when Jac’s day ends in disaster, it’s Jonny who’s there to pick up the pieces. In a rare moment, Jac opens up to Jonny and it looks like their relationship could be back on track.

And it’s the last straw for Serena when her mother’s transfer to the stroke ward is delayed.