Mama spent money when she had none

The Scavo family have been making big sacrifices to pay their bills, which recently have included son Porter’s huge legal fees. Lynette sells Tom’s beloved classic car and reluctantly accepts a $20,000 cheque from Bree, who’s flush with cash now her cookbook has become a bestseller. This gift now makes Bree part owner of the pizza restaurant, but just as Lynette feared, it’s put a strain on the relationship between the two neighbours. Their huge spat over how to make a four-cheese pizza looks like being only the beginning…

Tom Scavo isn’t a happy man either. After finding out from Lee that Dave has made false accusations about Porter over the Battle of the Bands fire, Tom launches a ferocious attack on Dave. Dave also turns the tables on Tom and make his own threats. Could Tom now be on Dave’s hit list, too?

Susan’s relationship with former husband Mike really goes down the pan. A terrible misunderstanding over Katherine’s new pearls brings it all to a head. Susan embarrasses Mike into admitting that Katherine’s present was just cheap imitation pearls because he couldn’t afford the real thing. Although Mike’s still angry with her, Susan comes up with a new plan to pay for son MJ’s school fees. She talks her way into the new job as assistant to the school’s art teacher. As a staff member it means she gets a big discount on the fees.

Gaby pulls out of boot camp because she can’t keep up with the gruelling training regime, Edie told her a few home truths. Edie reckons Gaby is becoming as annoying as when she first moved into Wisteria Lane. But this verbal lashing does the trick and Gaby gets back into training, finally fitting into her favourite red dress.