Mamma and Mia – here they go again!

Ella and Mia have had their fair share of mother-daughter fights – most of them about Ella’s misbehaviour after a few drinks. But this latest fight is a lot more personal: Ella played away with Mia’s boyfriend and now she can’t look her daughter in the eye as Mia demands an explanation. What does the poor girl want – diagrams? Pictures? It’s simple: her mother’s a pathetic, drunken tart. And Adam? Oh, he insists he loves Mia, but she wants nothing more to do with him or her mother.

Farmer John warned Adam to have nothing more to do with Mia, but would he listen? No. Now John’s worried – and Declan makes it clear he should be. Declan wants revenge for Mia. He’s going to get it by hurting the Barton family – and he calls round to tell them exactly that.

While Declan is thinking with an angry heart, David is thinking with a boozed-up brain. Supping beer as he wades through his bills and tries to shuffle them into some sort of order, David appreciates Alicia’s help. But, through his beer goggles, David sees more than friendliness in Alicia’s actions and tries to kiss her. Whoops! Wrong move, David!