Rose William appears in reception. She visited The Mill twice yesterday, and she’s back first thing for an emergency appointment – she thinks she might have bowel cancer, after Dr Heskey gave her a leaflet. Al tells Karen and Mandy she’s a time waster, but Mandy challenges him – how does he know?

At the consultation, Rose tells Al the symptoms she has – and she’s already taken a sample to save time. Al decides to hurry through her sample – mainly so he can tell Mandy he’s right. He tells Rose it will be this afternoon.

The tests return – there’s blood in her stool, an early indicator of bowel cancer. Mandy is victorious, but Al tells her it doesn’t prove anything. Al gives Rose the bad news, but is confused to find she’s happy.

Over a cup of tea, Mandy realises that Rose is suffering from Munchausen’s – a condition where patients pretend to be ill to gain attention – and gets her to admit she put the blood in there herself. Al is now victorious, but Mandy notes he didn’t spot her Munchausen’s. These two will never agree.

Also, Emma finds out how far a teenage daughter’s concern for her widowed father will go.