Mandy’s freaked out as she wakes up in bed with Lois – it’s the first time she’s slept with anyone since Freya, her sister! At the Campus, Mandy tells Kevin she’s changed her mind about Lois moving out. When Mandy gets home she’s unnerved to see Lois uncovering Freya’s table football game and suggesting they play. Having lots of fun, they end up kissing, their position exactly mirroring a photo of Mandy and Freya nearby…

Meanwhile, Karen meets Rob in the most inappropriate clothes for fishing, including stiletto heeled ankle boots. Rob takes Karen to a beautiful spot but disaster strikes when her heels sink into the mud and she gets stuck. Karen turns out to be terrible at fishing and says she’ll watch instead and, as they get into Rob’s car, drinking rum coffee from a flask, Rob asks her out again. Karen says he never knows his luck and they move in for a kiss. 

Also, an old friend of Chris’s finds his life turned upside down when his ex reappears in his life.