Louise‘s suggestion that there is chemistry between Dom and Mandy makes Warren jealous. Mandy is later humiliated when Louise invites her for lunch with she, Warren and Dom and realises she has been set up on a double date. Later, Warren visits Mandy and she proves she is not interested in Dom by giving him a passionate kiss.

Myra encourages Mercedes not to dwell on Malachy or her HIV results and persuades her to run a stall in the HCC jumble sale. But Mercedes’ confidence is knocked when she sees Malachy. She lays into him, insisting he must have despised her to sleep with her, knowing he was infected with the virus. But Malachy leaves her confused by insisting it was the exact opposite. She storms off and ends up being bundled into a waiting van by Niall

Nancy comes to Russ’s rescue when he feels out of his depth with baby Max. He reassures Nancy that he really does want to be a dad and turns down a night out on the town in favour of looking after the baby. But is this what Russ really wants?

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