Louise is enjoying playing nurse to Warren who is back home from hospital. While he’s asleep in the bedroom, Mandy calls round. But she gets so fed up of hearing a besotted Louise talk about their relationship, that Mandy ends up confessing that she’s been having an affair with Warren. Louise listens with disbelief as Mandy tells her they’ve been sleeping together for months.

Louise slaps Mandy, but that doesn’t stop Mandy bitterly informing Louise that she’s a drunk, which is why Warren has been forced to look for love elsewhere. Mandy goes on to tell Louise that they were on the verge of running away together the night he was beaten up. What will Louise do next?

As Calvin struggles to cope with the mess he’s got himself into, Carmel breaks down on Bel, confiding that she is afraid Calvin doesn’t love her any more. Meanwhile, Calvin pulls a sickie and returns home to drown his sorrows, as Bel gives Carmel a pep talk on seducing her man. Later, Calvin is delighted to find Carmel in full seduction mode.

Also, Rhys is left looking after Holly after his night with Cindy, which causes Josh and Amy much hilarity. But the joke is over when he discovers Holly is missing.

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