Mandy meets Rachel and confronts her with Catriona’s suicide. Mandy almost becomes a victim herself but a young nurse called Ayesha comes to the rescue. Ayesha suggests they go for a drink and a friendship begins to form. Mandy hints she may leave The Mill and Ayesha should think about taking her job.

Niamh is trying to help Samantha, a woman with special needs, to move out of her big sister, Chrissie’s, house and into sheltered accommodation. When Chrissie goes into labour and Sam takes charge, Niamh comments on how impressed she is. With Niamh’s help, Chrissie acknowledges that her sister is all grown up and it’s time she moved on.

Meanwhile, Heston tells Oliver he feels liberated after quitting but soon admits that it’s all a front and that he feels responsible for Catriona’s death. Oliver manages to get Heston to admit that he kept Catriona at arms length because he sees mental illness as a weakness – in himself and others. Finally, Heston uncovers the depths of his feelings – his mental state is spiralling out of control…