Despite Luke secretly wrecking Mandy’s wedding dress in a last-ditch effort to postpone their wedding, Mandy is still ploughing ahead with their plans and is desperate to portray a happy loving family to impress the social worker and regain custody of their daughter Ella.

However as the pressure mounts, the bride-to-be cracks and suddenly rushes out of the house, leaving the social worker concerned. Has she jeopardized her chances of being reunited with Ella?

Meanwhile, after destroying her speakers by spilling beer on them, Simone draws up a list of ways Shane and Hunter can repay her. Shane refuses to do her chores but later on, when he catches her dancing, there seems to be a hint of sexual chemistry between him and Simone. Watch this space!

Elsewhere Adam has agreed to let Darcy see Toby, unaware that she’s secretly planning on fleeing to Florida. Will anyone rumble her plans before it’s too late?