Secret lovers Mandy and Darren find the perfect hideaway to continue their affair – but will they get caught?

Mandy and Darren get raunchy at The Bean but is their affair in danger of being rumbled?

Luke suggests to Mandy that they try and find their own place to move into with Ollie and Ella, however Mandy’s got other things on her mind…Darren!

As their affair hots up, she and Darren are desperate to find a convenient place to be with each other and when The Bean is broken into Mandy thinks she’s found the perfect hideaway!

Elsewhere, Buster makes in-roads with his son Damon when he suggests they start a football academy together.

Meanwhile Louis offers to help Leela track down missing Peri by putting up £5k as reward money but Simone has got other ideas.

Plus a scared Marnie is terrified when she learns her sentencing has been brought forward to the following day.

Is she going to be sent to prison?