Mandy can’t resist Warren‘s charms and closes Evissa for a quick afternoon fling. When Cindy questions why Evissa was closed for so long, she sees Rhys coming out from the back having used the toilet and immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion.

Later at The Loft, Rhys offers Mandy a drink and she plays along in order to conceal her affair with Warren. But their flirty banter angers Warren who ends up chucking Rhys out. Mandy is angry at Warren’s jealous behaviour, but it doesn’t take long for the pair to fall into a passionate embrace back at the flat.

At school, Josh is uneasy when Ste starts calling Amy‘s phone. Ignoring the calls, Amy assures him Ste will get bored. But when Ste comes to the school searching for Amy, he bumps into Josh who he instantly winds up. Ste accuses Josh of not being the boyfriend Amy really wants and Josh lies that he slept with her last night. Amy overhears and although Josh later apologises for lying, Amy is furious that Josh would stoop so low and finishes with him.

Also, Nancy is suspicious when Warren hands Ravi a package to deliver and asks him if he is dealing drugs.

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